SimplePlanes v1.12.128 Free Download For PC 2023

SimplePlanes is a creative game in which players can design different models of airplanes. These airplanes are of different models and types related to the original models. You have to show your own creative skills to perform this task. The game type is a sort of simulation. This means that players will perform different types of activities related to real-life adventures. People who actually not just like to fly an airplane but are also interested in the composition of these planes will definitely like this game. The game has several challenges and options to explore during the gameplay. All of these tasks are going to test your abilities and how creative you are. The game also gives you a free hand to take experiments related to airplane-making jobs. Once these planes are ready to fly in the air don’t forget to take a flying test.

Engine Damge

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Overview Of Simpleplanes Free Download

SimplePlanes Free Download is not just as simple as its name is. There are plans to make and different challenges to clear. These challenges are related to making a specific model of the plane. Or there are flying modes in which the plane has to pass the test to consider a good manufacturing piece. There are also racing tasks in this game. Players are also required to test the missiles of the fighting jet planes. Different tools and packs are available to customize the plane in its store. These parts are downloaded and purchased as well. There are more than 1000 plane parts available in this game.

SimplePlanes PC Download

The controls of this game are just similar to a flying game. The throttle button is there to boost the plane into the air. There are movement controls as well. But for the designer mode, you have to use multiple options like drag and drop to build a plane. The graphics of this game are impressive and also support multiple systems.

Features Of Simpleplanes

Designer Mode:

  • In SimplePlanes you have full control of different parts of the plane. The overall structure of the plane depends upon its internal and external parts. Such as its engine, wings, and wheels. There are lots of tools to use in the designer mode to utilize these parts to complete the plane design. You can modify, alter and even create the newly designed part of the plane. Just apply these parts with ease on the plane and the AI of the game will automatically adjust them.

Flying Mode:

  • Once the plane is ready in SimplePlanes you are allowed to take them in the air. Just accelerate the throttle on the runway and fly the plane. This mode is to test the different designs you have made from a real perspective. Like how does the plane behave with the installed wings and flappers? The plane is easy to fly but there are chances that you can be struck with different items during the gameplay. The plane will still fly but you have to fix it later as well.

Online Mode:

  • This model is very interesting in SimplePlanes. You have the chance to share your creativity with online friends and the community. For instance, you can test the designs of other players over the internet. Just download their custom plane and take a test flight. So there is no limit to the creativity and designs of the planes in this game.

Plane Types:

  • In SimPleplanes there are several types of plane formats. For instance, you can select to make a fighting aircraft or you can also make a Piston aircraft. All of the capabilities of these planes are different. The fighting jet will also include missiles and other functions to explore. Moreover, these planes have different sizes and weights as well.
Jet Landing in Airport

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Latest Updates In SimplePlanes:

  • You can now make a helicopter in the latest download.
  • Modify any flaw in the airplane.
  • You can fly the plane with the missing wing.
  • New models of the planes are added to enjoy.

How To Download & Install SimplePlanes?

  1. Firstly, download SimplePlanes from the below setup button.
  2. Extract the download folder and run the executable file.
  3. Now complete the installation process.
  4. Copy and paste the crack file from the downloaded folder in the program files folder.
  5. It is ready to work and enjoy it freely.

System Requirements Of SimplePlanes

Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 8.1,10 & 11
Processor64-bit processor
Ram2 GB
Hard-Disk1 GB Space Needed

FAQs About Simpleplanes

Q. Are there different locations in this game to fly?

A. There are different islands to fly the jet. A total of 5 of them are available with this download.

Q. Can I crash my plane in this game?

Yes if you are stuck with different items while flying you can crash the plane.

Q. Is the multiplayer mode available for this game?

A. You can only send the designs of the planes to your friends in the community. There are no flying or racing multiplayer options in this game.


SimplePlanes is full of fun games. The plane building and designing is a real test of your skills. Just fly the plane in the air after making it. You can also take several challenges in the game related to flying a plane.

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