Sifu Full Version Free Download For PC 2023

Sifu Free Download is the latest game related to fighting and martial arts. The whole game belongs to fighting all alone to clear the missions. The game is a combat and fighting game and is the latest release. There are different techniques and styles used in this game to do the fighting. The game is based in China. The people who want to test their fighting skills in real life have the opportunity to play this game. Beating a number of opponents in different styles is the main theme of this game. There are different fighting games in the gaming world but this one has its own unique features and modes. The game shows you the redlining and old martial arts style altogether.

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Overview Of Sifu

The story of Sifu is based on a boy. He is the main character of the game. The story tells us about how his parents are killed in the beginning. The main plot of this game is to take revenge on his parents from different people. The boy will fight in this game with different enemies. All this fighting is in real 3D. The boy will use different moves to beat the enemy. The graphics of this game are good enough to appreciate. Moreover, the game is not too heavy to load on any of the systems. You can easily load and play any of the latest systems.

Controls Of Sifu Free Download

The controls of this game are particular to any fighting game. Make full use of the keyboard to fight. While the player will fight while walking in the real world. He will enter different locations and areas to find enemies and defeat them. If the player loses a fight the age of the player will start increasing. That means it will increase suddenly as a penalty. For instance, he will gradually turn older.

Features Of Sifu

Learning Skills

  • In Sifu, the player will learn different combos and moves. These moves are related to different martial art styles. All these styles are ready to open after clearing different stages. Once you defeat any enemy a new skill is acquired.

Different Difficulty Level

  • The player has three options to choose from in Sifu if they are new, they can select the student level to play the game. Be careful because the Master mode of the game is the hardest one. The enemies will become stronger and fight you back aggressively. So there are lots of challenges to take in this game.

Story Mode

  • The player withholding the character of sifu will encounter enemies and pass out different levels of fighting. The game is actually based on a full-day fight. The player will fight for a whole day in this game. After defeating enemies, there is an upgrade catalog in which the skill tree is upgraded. The player will enter the clubs and bars to find the real enemy. You can also use a baseball bat to hit an opponent. There are different bosses as well in different stages. All of these bosses become difficult one by one.

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Latest Updates In Sifu

  • If you have completed all levels you can also play the whole game again. With different difficulty levels.
  • The gameplay time is almost 20 hours long.
  • To test the skills the master level is there.
  • You can select 2 different characters in the game. Boy or a female.
  • There are different outfits in this game.
  • The sound and graphics are also interesting.
  • There are different visual effects in the fighting scenes.
  • Different guides in text format during the game to follow.
  • Players can use different objects to throw the enemies to kill them.

How To Download & Install Sifu Free Download

  1. Firstly, download the Sifu from the below setup button.
  2. Extract the download folder and run the executable file.
  3. Now complete the installation process.
  4. Copy and paste the crack file from the downloaded folder in the program files folder.
  5. It is ready to work and enjoy it freely.

System Requirements Of Sifu

OSWindows 10
ProcessorAMD FX-6300 Six-Core Processor
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsGeForce GTX 760

Faqs About Sifu

Q. How many different styles of fights are there in this game?

A. The game has almost 150 styles to fight with opponents. These all styles are based on martial arts fighting.

Q. How many endings does this game have?

A. This game has almost 3 endings based on the role of the player.

Q. How do you die in this game?

A. Once the player becomes older and reaches the age of 70. It will die eventually. And the games end also.


Sifu Free Download is a very outstanding game for youngsters containing an aggressive theme of revenge. The game is based on fighting for a whole day. The fighting style is martial arts. Players need to learn different martial arts skills to become pro players. The aging factor is there in this game to make you older. The skill tree is available also. There are also different things to unlock in this game. Learn more than 100 martial arts skills and take revenge.

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