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Outlast Free Download For PC (Latest) 2023

The Outlast Free Download is a horror and kind of investigating game. The main character will search and find out different facts regarding a mysterious hospital where patients are treated. It is located in a suspicious place. The whole drama in it will revolve around this place. The main task is to unveil the truth behind the criminal activities in this place. So the game is more dramatic and horror in a sense. Life is in danger but the goals are more important to achieve. However, the game is fascinating and full of surprises at every event. The player has the chance to save their life and escape but he chooses to stay there and perform his job. There are similar games related to Outlast but the concept is a bit different.

Outlast Free Download

Overview Of Outlast Free Download Gameplay

The Outlast 2023 Free Download is based on an investigation process. The main character is a journalist by profession. The news spread about the brutal killing and massacre in the old hospital. Some patients are kept as prisoners and were treated very harshly in this place. The samples of these patients are taken as an experiment by some workers of the hospital. No one is going to find the truth as the player takes the step to go alone there. The place is also in a faraway spot. Once he entered the place he found dead bodies and bloodshed all over. The player will have a camera and a torch in the hand. The surrounding is completely dark and the torch light is the only source of light. The facts can be anywhere but are difficult to trace.

The graphics of Outlast are truly amazing. There are scenes similar to a horror movie. The bloody spots with the corpse lying on the ground. The necklaces bodies who are killed brutally. The fear and anxiety are all over. The lightning sparks and changing screen effects are very attractive. The whole environment is 3D. The controls are simple enough to operate. Like the control, keys are there for movement.

Outlast in-game

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Features Of Outlast Free Download

Missions To Complete

  • The outlast story is based on missions to complete. As the new spread of some psycho doctors that are not human are treating patients. These are all kept in a hospital and treated brutally. The main task is to get information about these monsters and expose them. Some facts are in the shape of documents and traces. You will find some reports and evidence in the different rooms. There are texts written on them to keenly look at the matter. There are different locations in hospitals such as corridors and laboratories. Players can also check the computers for more details. The player will take snaps and pictures of these bodies which are placed in the toilet and everywhere as evidence and proof.

Survival Mode

  • In this mode of Outlast, the player will have to hide from the different odd people. These are the main culprits who are brutally treating humans. These killers are found in the hospital. There is no chance to kill them, you just need to hide under the table or in different areas to escape. The villains must not see you otherwise you can be killed easily. Evidence collection is the main objective while avoiding these people.


  • The main surprise in outlast is its multiplayer gaming option. There are four different players options to join the game. The interesting part is that these players can complete the missions with you. The gameplay is basically cooperative game mode.

Latest Updates In Outlast Free Download

● Test subjects in a creepy experiment.
● Demonstrate stealth gameplay mechanics
● The most horrifying game
● There is one last school part with Jessica and hidden endings
● Follow some truly good jump scares, and anxious moments.
● Lab to experience painstaking constraints and experiments.

How To Download & Install Outlast Free Download

  1. Firstly, download the Outlast from the below setup button.
  2. Extract the download folder and run the executable file.
  3. Now complete the installation process.
  4. Copy and paste the crack file from the downloaded folder in the program files folder.
  5. It is ready to work and enjoy it freely.


Are there different difficulty levels in this game?

Yes, the Outlast has four different difficulties. The insane one is the most difficult of all.

Can you play the Outlast offline easily?

The game has a full solar player option to complete all missions from the single-player perspective.

How many levels or stages are there in this game?

There are a total of 8 chapters in this game to complete.


The Outlast Free Download is a fan-favorite horror game. They also follow stealth-type gameplay. The players are required to avoid enemies by hiding in different locations. There is evidence to collect for investigation purposes. The game has many levels to clear. Players can also enjoy the multiplayer mode in it.

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