NBA 2k14 Game Download Free For PC 2023

The NBA 2k14 Free Download is a very well-known basketball game series. The game is truly based on playing basketball. The game is inspired by the “NBA”, which is a basketball organization that executes these sports tournaments. The game is best for those who want to improve their real skills in basketball. The game is famous in the United States and other neighboring countries. But recently its fame is spreading around the world. The people who play this game come to know more about the sport of basketball. The game comes in different editions all over the years. But 2k14 is a very famous version of this game. That is why we are here to give you the opportunity to download this game and play.

Overview Of NBA 2k14 Free Download 2023

The plot of the game is based on different teams who are playing with each other in a basket arena. These teams are named in relation to all the real NBA teams. In NBA 2k14 users can find their favorite players whom they see on the live games. These players are characterized as a player in the game. The game rules are very simple. Users have to make the possible number of points to win the game. The game is team based so there are moreover 30 teams in the game to select for gameplay.

Players have to combat each other to put the ball in the basket to earn points. The gameplay is very friendly and interesting. It won’t take much time to learn the controls of the game. There are a number of keys to control your player’s directions and perform different actions. The graphics are also attractive and very pleasing to have a look at.

NBA 2k14 Free Download Match Review

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Features Of NBA 2k14

Training Mode

In NBA 2k14 the training mode is included for those who are not fully aware of the game. The mode will teach users about the basic controls and movements. They can practice performing different tricks to put the ball in the basket. For instance dodging the ball, dribbling, and tackling the player are all basic tricks to learn.


In NBA 2k14 there is a live commentary feature. Players will listen to the commentary recorded in the voice of all US famous commentators. So while playing the game these voices will motivate you. Moreover, the voices of the audience from the background are also an interesting feature. Their whole gameplay will give users a real play experience of basketball.

Career Mode

The NBA 2k14 comes in career mode in which players will fight with different teams. Users can qualify for the next round while winning the games. These rounds will take you to win the world championship in the end. This is the most fruitful reward in the game to make your favorite team a champion. It will take a lot of hard work and courage to become a champion in this game.

Online Mode

The game also supports the online mode. Users can save and update their stats in this mode. All the progress users have made is automatically saved on the internet. These stats also give the current position of a player and a team. However, there is an offline mode to play the game as well. The only difference is that the stars are not updated on the internet. Meanwhile, users can take full advantage of all other features of this game in offline mode.

Matches in NBA 2k14 Free Download

How To Download & Install NBA 2k14

Download Guide of NBA 2k14 Free Download
  1. Click On the Download Button Below this Post
  2. Your Download Will Start Free Installer Officially Created From SkyDownloading
  3. After Installing, Then Extract that file and Install it
  4. With Good Internet Connection, It Will Be Easy To Download The Game
  5. After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy For free

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System Requirements Of NBA 2k14

OS:Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor Intel Core i5-3570K or AMD FX-8310
Memory8 GB RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon RX 470
Storage15 GB available space

Key Features Of NBA 2k14 Download For Pc

● Different teams are there with their specific outfits to choose from.
● There is a scanning mode in which users can scan the real face and make a dummy player in the game.
● Different leagues are available to play and win.
● The graphics are 3D and very much appealing.


The NBA 2k14 is a hot favorite game for basketball lovers. The game can fulfill the desire of the player to play basketball with all their favorite NBA 2k14 teams and players. Moreover, there are a lot of skills to learn in this game to become a pro player. All the game features are fascinating and truly admirable.

Faqs of NBA 2k14

Can I play career mode in an offline setting?

Yes, the game is played offline as well. And the career mode is also available offline.

Is this game available on the Windows 10 version?

Yes, the game also supports the latest windows version. Thus windows 10 is also supported.

Can you manually add soundtracks to the game?

The game has built-in soundtracks. manually adding these tracks is not possible in this version.

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