Just Shapes And Beats Free Download For PC 2023

Just Shapes And Beats Free Download is one of the innovative games. The game is based on avoiding the different obstacles in the form of different shapes. The game is put under the shmup category due to its gameplay. These types of games are closely related to defeating enemies and surviving their attacks. The game is based on music and that’s the main part of it. It is a hot favorite among music lovers. Moreover, there are not many things to do in this game. All you need to do is perform repeated and rapid actions in this game. But the interest of the game is based on its different music tracks and gameplay style. There are different other games based on running across music lines but this game is quite different. It has different added features to offer different modes and challenges.

Just Shapes and Beats Free Download

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Overview Of Just Shapes And Beats

Just Shapes And Beats is a fantastic game based on music directions. The music will guide players till the end of the level. Once the music is started there are a number of obstacles that will start coming to hit you. The character of the player is a small cube in light blue color. You have to save this cube from these upcoming hurdles. All these obstacles are in the form of different shapes. As you pass out different levels the structure of these shapes starts changing.
If the character hits with these shapes life is over. You need to start the level again. The music beats are there to support you on the screen. You can pass by them to avoid these shapes

Just Shapes And Beats Free Download

The gameplay on the other hand is also quite interesting. The graphics are really fun. There are different sparkling and lightning effects to attract the audience. The music beats will also generate different visible effects. The controls in the game are not very difficult. But there you need some good skills to defeat different bosses and shapes in the same game.

Features Of Just Shapes And Beats

Story Mode

  • It is one of the basic modes in Just Shapes And Beats games. If you are starting this game, you have to select it before the start. In this mode, the game will tell you all the story and characters. There are different levels and rounds to clear this game completely. All these levels are based on a number of challenges such as getting passed different obstacles to reach the final destination. There are a total of 10 chapters to clear. In all these chapters there are different levels as well.

Different Bosses

  • At the end of a specific chapter, there are different levels of bosses to defeat in Just Shapes And Beats. These bosses are sometimes really hard. They are quite different in shape from each other. However, they are also built up with a number of shapes. They are big and try to attack you to take your life.


  • There are different soundtracks related to real artists. All these tracks are copyrighted and set in this game. These tracks will actually play a specific beat that helps you to get passed the level. The main theme of this game is these soundtracks.

Multiplayer Mode

  • This mode in Just Shapes And Beats is another interest in playing this game. Your friends can join the party to beat different levels. There are a number of challenges that are given to players. These challenges are covered and accepted by players.

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Latest Updates In Just Shapes And Beats

  • Different background music tracks to listen to in the game.
  • There are unlimited chances to clear a round.
  • Save all the clear rounds in the list and play again.
  • Take an online challenge for more fun.

How To Download & Install Just Shapes And Beats

  1. Firstly, download Just Shapes And Beats from the below setup button.
  2. Extract the download folder and run the executable file.
  3. Now complete the installation process.
  4. Copy and paste the crack file from the downloaded folder in the program files folder.
  5. It is ready to work and enjoy it freely.

System Requirements Of Just Shapes And Beats

Requires 64-bit processor
OS Windows® 7.
Processor Intel Core i3 3.0 GHz 64
Memory8 GB RAM.
GraphicsDirectX 11
DirectXVersion 10.
Storage:1 GB available space.

Faqs About Just Shapes And Beats

Q. Are there extra levels and rounds in this game?

A. Yes, after completing the story mode you can also play different rounds. These rounds give a different difficulty level.

Q. Which one is the easiest level of this game?

A. The lunar whale is said to be the easiest one. Players can clear it in less than 2 minutes easily.


The game is very different from other music games. You have to avoid shapes and obstacles to clear different rounds. That’s not all, you have to defeat the bosses at each stage. There are different difficulty levels for each stage. The music beats are there to support you in this game. Moreover, the graphics are outstanding and appealing.

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