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GTA 5 Free Download is the latest version of the grand theft auto game. This series of games is related to an open-world game in which players can perform real-life tasks. These tasks are very much real but in a different way. There is freedom of expression and activities. Players can do anything for their interest whether it is legal or illegal. The previous versions of the same game are also very much famous for the same plotting of the game. If you are willing to go anywhere and make your life full of fun and interesting. This game is here for you. The game has all advanced features updated. 

Gameplay Of GTA 5 Free Download For PC

Grand Theft Auto V 2023 is a very versatile game in which there are different modes to play. The basic character is a real human who performs all the acts. These acts are related to mass killing, fighting, and driving. The game represents the player as a gangster who just needs money to live a lavish life. The character will also have a girlfriend in this game. There are different tasks related to eating, winning, and dating. You will earn the money by completing a number of missions. These dollars are useful to buy different things such as ammo, guns, clothes, and other eatables. GTA 5 online play now free on PC too.


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Grand Theft Auto V Reloaded PC Game 2023 Overview

The graphics are outstanding. The characters and objects look real. These are very specific to the real world. You will see blood and flesh of bodies in front of you. So the game requires a good graphics card to run smoothly. While driving a car there are also different stunts to perform as well. Moreover, the control of the game is very simple but versatile. There are a number of options to look at. So you will use the keyboard and mouse at their full potential in this game. 

Features Of Grand Theft Auto V

Story Mode

The main theme of GTA 5 is to clear the number of missions during the gameplay. There is a complete story of the different characters in this game. This story is based on their real life. These players will complete different missions in different locations for you. There are movie scenes that are well-scripted.


In GTA 5 the missions are full of adventure and fights. These fights happen on the roads and streets. You have to fight with good or bad people. Killing different people in the game with no mercy is part of the game.


In GTA 5 players will use different weapons such as guns, rifles, and rocket launchers to kill the enemy. The player will fight with the police as well in this game. If you spread too much terror in the field the police will follow you and want to bust you. Get away from them or they can send you to the hospital as well. 

Driving Vehicles

Players in GTA 5 can also drive a number of vehicles such as cars, trucks, trains, and even airplanes. All these vehicles are driven by the player, you can take the cars anywhere you want in the free world. However, for specific missions, they will guide you through checkpoints to go and complete the mission. 

Free Mode

The GTA 5 also features free mode. You can travel to different cities on the map. You can do all things freely in this mode. 


How To Download & Install Grand Theft Auto V

  1. Firstly, download the Grand Theft Auto V from the below setup button.
  2. Extract the download folder and run the executable file.
  3. Now complete the installation process.
  4. Copy and paste the crack file from the downloaded folder in the program files folder.
  5. It is ready to work and enjoy it freely.

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System Requirements Of Grand Theft Auto V

Operating SystemWindows 7(64 bit) or better
RAMRequired 8 GB RAM
Graphics CardAMD HD7870 2GB or higher
Hard Disk SpaceNeed 65 GB of Free space on the hard disk
Sound CardYes, the required compatible Sound Card.

Latest Updates in Grand Theft Auto V

  • Different levels and stars of the police to tackle.
  • Players can go to the gym to build muscles.
  • There are different fighting skills to learn.
  • Weapons and ammo are limited so you can buy them from the store.
  • Underwater swim features are also there.
  • All levels have different difficulty levels.
  • The car will be destroyed if you hit other objects frequently.
  • Players can perform bank robberies.
  • Fly a jet plane in the sky.
  • Land on different buildings with the parachute.


GTA 5 is both a dramatic and fun presentation. You are free to drive a car or to walk around. There are missions to clear and people to kill in this game. The game is full of bloodshed and fighting as well. If you need money just pass a mission or rob a bank. 

Faq’s About Grand Theft Auto V

What is at the end of the game?

In the end, you have to kill the main boss and steal his money. You will become rich in the end.

Are there any other achievements in the game?

The game will give you a small task after its completion. You can complete them and earn more money. These tasks are relatively small. 

How do you escape from the police?

To Escape from the police, hide in a safe spot where they can not see you. And the police stars will slowly start reducing.

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